Download Apps From Google Play To PC


 I will tell you how to download apps from Google play directly to PC. Say goodbye to multiple backups.  If you’re one of those who constantly install various ROMs and tweak the operating system, you wouldn’t mind keeping a backup of your favourite apps. Installing apps directly from the SD card saves downloading time, is faster and helps with the data costs. Now you can save apps to the SD card using third-party apps such as File Expert, Titanium Backup, App Monster and utilities, but these only save apps that are currently installed. But what about the updates for the apps? Updating an app is only possible after installing it and running the Play Store to check for any updates.

In order to overcome this obstacle, there is a Windows-based utility found on the XDA forums. Developed by the ‘’ team from Vietnam, Real APK Leecher is a Java-based utility that connects to the Internet and the Google Play Store to download apps to your PC. The utility needs the details of your Google account and the Device ID of your phone, tablet to work. Once you input the necessary details, it can be used to search and download apps from the Play Store directly to your PC. The utility also scans apps on your computer and checks if they’ve been updated. You can specify the folder where you’ve downloaded the apps and Real APK Leecher will scan and check them for any updates. The apps and updates can be downloaded to any folder of your choice. Read ahead for a walk-through on how to get this utility and set it up on your PC.

Download Real APK Leecher from Download the archived ZIP file and unzip the contents to a folder on your desktop. Now open the folder and run the file ‘Real APK Leecher.exe’. Upon running the utility for the first time, you’ll see a configuration window pop up. In this window, you will need to input the details of your Google account, and your Android smartphone or tablet’s Device ID. You can find the Device ID of your device using a simple code on the phone dialler. Start the dialler on your phone and punch in the code: *#*#8255#*#*.

Real APK Leecher

Set Up Utility

If you are using a tablet, the phone dialler will not be available, but you can download an app called ‘DeviceID’ to get the details of your tablet. These settings need to be specified only once, unless you change the phone, tablet or Google account. Further, you can choose to have between 10 to 30 results shown on a page while searching for apps. Next, choose the language and country, leave the SIM Operator Number field empty (default) and specify the location where the downloaded apps will be saved, along with the location for the folder where your apps are already downloaded and need updates. After these settings are saved, you can click on the  Save  button  and  the  utility will start.

Device ID

Find The Device ID


If you make any mistakes while typing in the settings, especially with the email address, password and device ID, the utility will not work and it will display log-in errors. Double-check your settings if you get any errors. Once the utility starts, you can search for an app using its vendor name, package name or a custom name in the search bar. Depending on the choice you made earlier, the number of search results will be listed in the window below. To download an app, simply click on it once to highlight the entire field, then right-click on the line and select the download option.

Real APK Leecher

Search For The App You Want To Download



The search results will show both free and paid versions, but you can only download free apps. If the app requires you to buy it, you will not be able to download it as there are no options for making payments through this utility. You can hit the Google Play link to go to the Play Store and make the necessary payments there. If you have already bought the app, you can download it without taking this extra step.

Real APK Leecher

Download The App

Real APK Leecher

Existing App Updates Are Shown With Exclamatory Mark Symbols

To check for updates for apps you’ve already downloaded, right-click on any app in the list and click on the ‘Scan Existing Folder’ option. The utility will then ask you one more time if you want to scan the folder you previously specified or any other folder on your PC. Click on OK and the utility will scan every app in the specified folder and list the entire contents of that folder. Each app will be accompanied by icons that denote if there is an update available for any of the apps. The icon with the exclamatory mark in a triangle denotes that updates are available. If you want to download updates for an app, right-click on the app and click on the download option. Apps that are not available on the Play Store or are pirated will show up with a question mark, whereas the green check mark denotes apps that have no updates available right now.

You can also use this utility to download apps that are not available in your country by changing the SIM Operator Number in the options field. Google Play can even be fooled to let you download apps that have carrier restrictions. To do this on your phone or tablet itself, you need to have it rooted and a market enabler app installed. But Real APK Leecher lets you do this without a hitch. The SIM Operator Number (SON) for various mobile carriers around the world is available on The SON is a combination of the MCC and MNC numbers. For example, Vodafone IN Mumbai has MMC number 404 and MNC number 20, which makes the SON 40420. Enter this number in the SON field in the configuration window.

DISCLAIMER: Try this utility at your own risk. This utility and tutorial is for educational purposes only. This blog will not take any responsibility for misuse of this app. Please read the T&C on Google Play before downloading any apps.

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