Get Faster Internet Speed!

Want a faster internet speed? 

Getting a faster internet speed is always a dream for hardcore types- gamers and HD movie watchers. Having a 256kps or even 512kps broadband plan seems slow compared to size of today’s games. Downloading 15GB of a game will take more than a week, which is, frustrating.

You might have two fast internet connections, one, a broadband and another 3G USB dongle for connecting to the internet on the move. Though you can connect all your fast internet connections at the same time, the computer will use only the last connected network, leaving others unused.

For example you have two internet connections; A and B. You started connecting to the net using A. The moment you started connection B; the PC will terminate connection A, leaving it unused. The OS is not that intelligent to know that there are multiple internet connection.

The problem is solved with a software known as connectify dispatch. Using this software, you can combine all your available internet connections- DSL modem, wired cable connection, a wireless router, a tethered mobile phone or a USB internet dongle- into a single monstrous broadband connection for getting the fastest internet speed.

Here is the step to do it:-



Download connectify dispatch and install it. Bad news; the software is not free and there are no demo’s available. It costs Rs 5114 in India for a lifetime license, which includes Hotspot Pro utility as a bundle. You can also opt for a one year license for Rs 4023, but buying a lifetime license makes more sense.



Connect all your fast internet connections and ensure they are working. Open connectify; the UI has a graph that shows you the bandwidth of all your available connections and overall speed. You will also see the no. of active adapters (internet connections) in the lower half of the screen.



Connect all you fast internet connections and start them. Once all are active, hit the ‘Start Dispatch’ button on the dispatch window. Okay! Now you are ready to surf the net on the fastest internet connection by combining all the speeds of available fast internet connections. The dispatch utility will automatically combine all the fast internet connections together, analyze each of them and route the internet traffic accordingly. You can check the download speed by downloading a large file, video or torrent (: You will definitely find a difference.



You can now download Connectify Dispatch Lite for free. It does come with certain limitations.

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