Firefox OS On Your PC!

Firefox OS might be only for phones and tablets, but you can try it on your PC. To do that, you need Mozilla Firefox browser. Here are the steps:-

  1. Go to and download Firefox OS simulator. The file size is around 40-70 MB and will be downloaded with the extension ‘.XPI’.
  2. Open Firefox browser, and on the bottom of the homepage there will be six icons, click on ‘add-ons’. Click on ‘settings’ on top right and then click on ‘Install Add-on from file’.
Add-Ons in Mozilla Firefox

Click On Add-Ons

3. Browse the file where you downloaded it and hit on ‘open’. In the next dialogue box,              click on the install button. The extension will be added in a few seconds. Restart                  Firefox if asked to.

4. Okay! You are now ready to simulate Firefox OS within Firefox. Now, click on ‘Firefox’          on top left, click ‘web developer’  and then hit ‘Firefox OS Simulator’.

Firefox OS Simulator

Have fun checking out the new OS. You can play around the user interface and even install new apps by downloading them from the firefox market place. Remember that the OS is still under development. This is an experimental prototype.

Here are the screen shots:

Firefox OS Marketplace

Firefox OS

Firefox OS Music LibraryFirefox OS Browser

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