CPU Names And Their Meaning

CPU’s performance in earlier days were determined by raw speed and number of cores, which was enough. But today it has become more complicated, because the  CPU can have powerful graphics component or process several threads per core. The CPU is the first thing that comes to mind when building or buying a PC. It’s because a CPU’s generation and version determines the motherboard that is to be bought.

When thinking of CPU, only two names strike our mind- Intel and AMD. You can know whether a CPU is mid-range or high-end just by looking at its name. Then it will be much easier to decide which processor to buy.



The cryptic names of AMD processors, including the A series (mid-range) and FX series (high end) reveal a lot about their performance.

AMD CPU (A8- 3870K)

AMD Mid Range CPU

AMD CPU (FX-8150)

AMD CPU High End


Intel also names its processors in a specific pattern that explains the performance and additional features.

Intel CPU (Corei5-3570K)

Intel CPU Mid Range

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