Playing Android Games On PC

Playing android games on mobile is really frustrating. If you have a high end android phone, such as Galaxy S4 or HTC One or a phone with qHD screen you have no problem. All Windows phones have a minimum screen resolution of 480*800. But in Android this is not the case.

If you have a poor man’s android phone such as Galaxy Ace, the screen resolution is not that good and you don’t have powerful RAM due to which phone hangs. Playing Angry Birds space or star wars is just frustrating, the frame rate just slows down. What about playing android games on a PC instead. Games will run much faster on PC than on phone. You can run any android apps; not only games; on PC using a software known as Bluestacks.

Here are the steps to install and run Bluestacks:-

  • Go to and download it. After downloading the file, install Bluestacks. This is the screenshot when Bluestacks loads for the first time.


  • When you load Bluestacks for the first time, you will be asked for ‘1 click sync setup’. Enter that Google account which you used to download apps from Google play. You have to enter Google account two times.

One Click Sync

  • After you finish the setup, you can search for any app. When you search for an app there will be three stores to choose from; Google play, Amazon app store and One app store. Choose any one store and download the app.


The cloud connect in settings will sync apps, photos and SMS messages between your android phone and PC. When you click on cloud connect, it will ask you your mobile number and your e-mail address. This is done so that they can message you on how to connect your android phone and PC. Once everything is done, you can transfer  apps from your phone to your PC by selecting apps and syncing it.


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