A Sure Way To Increase Your Internet Speed!

This is one computer trick which people search often. How to increase the internet speed without upgrading the internet plan. There are of course many softwares available out there claiming that they can increase your internet speed. But most of them don’t work. One sure way to increase internet speed is to install connectify dispatch. But it’s not free, you have to buy it.

There is  another sure way to increase internet speed, for free. It’s by changing your DNS (Domain Name Server) by using a software called DNS Jumper. The DNS directs your browser to websites when you type a URL. The DNS is provided by your ISP ( Internet Service Provider), but it may not be the best option. The DNS Jumper can find a faster DNS and switch to it automatically.

Here are the steps to run DNS Jumper:-

  • Download DNS Jumper. Under Select Network Adapter, there will be list of  all your available network adapters. The folder icon towards extreme right of select network adapter shows your internet connections.

DNS Jumper

  • Choose a DNS Server will show you a list of available servers. ‘Default’ is the DNS server provided by your ISP. If you know which server you want, select it and click Apply DNS. To return to the default server click the star icon towards top right and choose Default DNS.
  • Click Fastest DNS  to find the fasted server in your location. A window will open up, tick the servers that you want to compare. Next click Find Fastest DNS to find out the fastest DNS. Select the fastest DNS and click  Apply Fastest DNS.

DNS Jumper

You will surely find a change in internet speed. Websites will load much faster than before.

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