Bought A New Laptop?

Bought A New Laptop………?

I  haven’t seen any improvements in the laptop segment. Yeah, sure Intel’s Haswell is out, but apart from newer cores and graphic cards, there are so many things that needs an improvement. Take for example the mobile segment, how it’s improving and evolving quickly. The look and feel of mobiles is changing every time which is not happening in the laptop segment.

Suppose you bought Dell Inspiron 1564 four years back, this would have been the configuration:-

  • Intel i5 M430
  • 4GB RAM
  • 512MB Graphic Card
  • etc…..etc

Now you decided to buy a higher model. A higher model will contain:-

  • Intel i7
  • 6GB RAM
  • 1GB Graphic Card

What you are basically doing is upgrading. You just got a better CPU, a higher RAM and a better graphic card. Anything else?

You could sent your laptop for upgrade and could have got those done for half the price of the new laptop you have decided to buy ( am I wrong? Let me know if I am).

For me, a laptop to be considered new, the following points I look into:-

Full HD Screen Anytime Soon?

Full HD

Will we see this in a laptop?

“1366*768” (HD) is becoming all too common. Whether it’s mid-range laptop or a high-end one, there’s no difference in screen resolution. That’s really not fair. A hard-core gamer needs eye candy; yeah graphic cards are there for the job, but a higher resolution screen gives out more details. The thing is, screen resolution and graphic card are inter-connected. Your laptop can’t have a higher resolution if the graphic card can’t support it. So in another words, suppose full HD screens are available for upgrades and you want one, not only you need to change the screen but also your laptop’s graphic card ( if it doesn’t have the required memory).

Better Build Quality

Alienware 18

Outrageous Back!

I really hate the cheap plastic feel of my Dell Inspiron 1564. Trust me, I just do, seeing scratches all over the laptop’s cover. Apart from mighty Apple’s Macbooks and Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon and of course Dell XPS 13 and Alienware, all other laptops just can’t get away from plasticity feel. Why don’t the companies experiment with different plastics (you know what I mean, right?).


Built-In 3G Support


What about a 3G SIM card slot inside a laptop, it would make them truly mobile internet devices. Sure, there are laptops where the SIM card slot is available, including my Dell Inspiron 1564. But just inserting the SIM card will not work, you will need to install a WWAN card ( Wireless Wide Area Network) which connects to a cellular service with the help of the SIM card to have internet connection. Not only that, this type of service is not available in all countries, like India. What about a pre-installed WWAN card for a budget laptop?

For a laptop to be called new,  what new features should it have? Your call.


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