Hate Windows 8? Wait….Something Big Is Coming!

Hate Windows 8

Hate You Win 8!

I am really bad at explaining the things I want to explain. If it’s about “how to run a software”, “what a software does”, “computer tips and tricks”, it’s a piece of cake for me. But when it comes to giving out my thoughts or my views on something, I just suck.

As you have seen the title of this blog post is about Windows 8. More than that, it’s about Microsoft Windows. I will  explain to you what I want to explain to you in conversation way between two friends.  Friends are A & B. The thoughts are not my own, but from a article I read from a magazine. I wanted to share it with you all. As you might know, there are no new ideas, only the way you present is different.

So here it goes:-

A: I hate Windows 8! What about you?

B: Most folks hate Windows 8. Me too included.

A: Even then, it’s the third most OS used .

B: I know. It’s a good news that most people hate Windows 8 you know.

A: What! Good news…really? Good news for you because you might hate Windows 8. But this is certainly      not a good news for Microsoft Windows.

B: It’s a good news for Microsoft too!

A: You are crazy man, you are really crazy. Despite Windows Tablets failure and Windows 8 failure…….

B: Tell which is the first OS you used?

A: Windows XP.

B: Hahaha! Ask me which Operating System I used first.

A: Fine, which one?

B: Windows 98.

A: Good, congrats. A rare species. Big deal.

B: Do you want to know the history of Microsoft Windows?

A: I don’t mind knowing it.

B: With the history I am going to prove to you that Windows 8’s failure is a good sign that something big is coming from Microsoft Windows after Windows 8.

A: If you can convince me, then go on…..

B: Here it is:-



Windows 3 

Windows 3.0

Windows 3.0

Windows 1.0, 2.0, 286/2.1 and 386/2.1 were released in really early days of the PC evolution, much before the internet. Yes…..long time ago. Windows 3.0 and 3.0a (with multimedia) were Microsoft’s first commercial successes. Microsoft Windows 3 was released on May 22nd 1990, which was finally a direct competition to Apple’s OS. With a new GUI and proper support for Intel’s all new (at the time) 80286 and 80386 CPUs, Windows 3.0 was pretty good. However, it wasn’t as successful as the next version .

Windows 3.1

Windows 3.1

Windows 3.1

This thing was a success. Microsoft 3.1 was the first really commercially successful version of Windows. It was the first to use Windows Registry and Minesweeper was added as a bundled game. Earlier version of Windows came with Reversi. Those computers which ran Windows 3 couldn’t be upgraded to Windows 3.1. Windows 3.1 needed 286 CPU and 1 MB of RAM before it would install. Because of this many users had to buy a new hardware. And because of this the popularity of computers skyrocketed. Windows 3.1 was so popular that it sold 1 million copies in two months.

Windows 95

Windows 95

Start Me Up!

Even though Windows 95 sold 1 million copies in just 4 days, it was not that successful. The reason being it was very buggy. It sold like hot cakes as it benefitted from Windows 3.1 success. There was also marketing campaign before launching Windows 95 ( Microsoft spent $300 million for advertising ). It was also the first OS to come with start button. It was actually the next OS which pushed Microsoft forward.

Windows 98/ 98 SE

Windows 98

Windows 98

The change from Windows 95 to Windows 98 was really mind blowing. The ability to theme, one click-launch, active desktop, enhanced USB support, thumbnails, and a huge improvement in hardware support (drivers) made Windows 98 a global success. Windows 98 SE also brought with it IE 5.0, ICS and DirectX 6.1. It was here that gaming on PC took off ( Wolfenstein 3D anyone?) as well as multimedia viewing.

Windows ME

Windows ME

Windows ME

Sure, Windows 2000 was released few months before Windows ME, but it was targeted for business.  Windows ME was the consumer version. Even though, it failed. It did bring personalized menus and faster boot times than 98, and introduced Windows Movie Maker, but it was a buggy OS. It seemed that it was released unfinished. Given that people were really happy with Windows 98, there seemed to be absolutely no reason to upgrade to ME. It was the next OS which brought in a new era.

Windows XP

Windows XP

Windows XP

Windows XP is certainly the most successful among the Microsoft Operating Systems. XP was short form for eXPerience and it was a hell of a experience! Windows XP gave Graphical User Interface (GUI) a whole new meaning. The start menu seemed more intuitive, with new programs being highlighted, themes started popping up everywhere, and desktop design competitions were kicked off everywhere. From the bundled DirectX 8.1, all the way to DirectX 9.0c (the final DX version for XP), games took on new meanings of fun and visual effects for XP users. The search got better, drivers could be uninstalled and downgraded for once. Most people still use it.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista

Here Comes The Aero!

Windows Vista………….(yawn).  It was a flop, much like Windows 8. I don’t want to write much about Windows Vista because I haven’t used it, because I hated it, much like I hate Windows 8 which  I am not going to use it either. The less said the better.

Windows 7

Windows 7

Windows 7

It seems that Win 7 was what actually Microsoft had in mind when they built Windows Vista. Like Windows XP, Windows 7 was also successful. There was more stability, hardware was used better, the User Account Control (UAC) was less of an irritant and boot times fell. Virtualization was better, and that crap Windows Sidebar was removed. If I had nothing to write about Windows 8, I have so much to write about Win 7. Most notable added features include support for virtual hard drives, handwriting recognition and much more.

Windows 8

Do I need to write anything about it? Enough of history, now let’s dive to the main point of this article. Windows 8 did to Microsoft what Windows 95 did it earlier. The change from Win 3.1 to Win 95 was significant. Win 95 marked the beginning of a new era or to say new idea.

The Start menus, for example, was something new, and DOS (16-bit computing) was still limiting everything. Hardware also had to play some catch up, and more and more manufacturers meant more drivers were needed. It was the newness of the ideas that led to Windows 95 being a little buggy. It took Microsoft 3 more years of working on them to perfect them in Windows 98.

The same goes for Windows ME, it was the initial newness of the idea that didn’t fly ( shift to NTFS). Then came Windows XP and the rest is history.

Then came Vista, with all its high needs – wanting GBs of RAM to run, needing a GPU to even run Aero (which was the only reason you wanted to upgrade), which everyone hated it.

Soon we all wanted dual-core and quad-core CPUs, a GPU for HD video and gaming, and not just on a desktop, but on laptops as well. Vista was forgotten, and Windows 7 was just assumed to be the logical upgrade from XP.

And we come to Windows 8. It seems that Microsoft perhaps themselves expect every alternate OS to fail, or at the very least, suffer criticism at our hands. Perhaps they know that we’re resistant to change, and need a little time to want to upgrade. Perhaps there is a storm cooking for Windows 9, and Windows 8 was just the survey form (much like Windows Vista was) – put out an OS that’s sort of there, but wait for feedback and failure before perfecting it.


What’s your thoughts….?

One thought on “Hate Windows 8? Wait….Something Big Is Coming!

  1. Why should people who wan`t to buy a new pc have no other choice than windows 8,ring fencing your pc to work only with microsoft is wrong .
    With apple they invented and built there own product that worked only with there software,why should microsoft tell me what i can use on my hp/toshiba laptop i paid my own hard earned cash on something that would do many jobs not just what microsoft wanted to sell me as an app.
    ps the price of microsoft office 70 pounds per year are they having a laugh.
    windows 8 hater

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