C Drive Getting Full? Here’s What To Do

C Drive Meter Turns Red


It always happens and it happens to everyone. You buy a new computer and over time the C drive gets low on space. This is because most folks install softwares like antivirus and trial versions of softwares on C drive and put images, wallpapers, videos, games, movies etc on the D drive. The D drive has got more space than the C drive. So obviously, blue meter of the C drive has turned red.

You got two choices here:-

  1. Clone Your Hard Drive
  2. Relocate Your Programs

The easiest and cost effective would be the second one. Unlike cloning your hard drive, you don’t need to upgrade your hard drive.

So, here are the steps to do it:-

Step 1

Download  ‘Application Mover’ and install and then run it. Before you move to step two, read Do’s & Do Not’s below.

Download Application Mover

Download Application Mover


  1. Do not move important directories (Program Files).
  2. Do run the Application Mover with Administrator Privileges.
  3. Do not move ‘My Documents’
  4. Do close the programs that are to be moved.
  5. Do take back ups of programs that are to be moved to avoid trouble.
  6.  Move Microsoft Office or Powerpoint at your own risk (if you intend to).

Step 2

On the main screen you will see the ‘Current Path’ and ‘New Path’. You must specify them both, i.e. current path (C Drive) and new path (D Drive). You should also specify the files. Let the check boxes be as it is, no need to make any changes to it. Click ‘OK’.

Moving Files In Application Mover

Choose The Files To Be Moved

Step 3

The next screen will show you the files that are to be moved. Confirm by clicking ‘OK’ and the operation will begin. Keep in mind that softwares having more than 5GB of space will take time to show up, so have patience. It will seem that nothing is happening, so have patience. Just leave and do your usual thing; you know, surfing the web.  A  new window will open and you will be asked to confirm the replacement of the program location. Click ‘Replace Button’ for every file or check ‘Do Not Ask Me Again’.

The Sub-Files Of A Program

The Sub-Files Of A File

Application Mover moves all types of files from one drive to another (which includes subdirectories). It also makes changes to the Windows Registry, Windows shortcuts, .ini and install.log files in the program path.

Application Mover performs the operations in the following way:-

  1. Files are copied to the new path.
  2. Changes are made to the registry.
  3. Shortcuts are changed (it didn’t work for one program that I moved).
  4. Files are deleted from the old path.
  5. .ini and install.log files are changed.

Here’s the result after using Application Mover:-

C Drive Meter Has Turned Blue From Red

The Red Meter Has Turned Blue

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