Maintaining A Computer Blog…….


Blogging Frustrations!

Blogging Frustrations!

I am not a professional blogger. This post is about my views on so called blogging gurus and also about my frustrations. These are my thoughts randomly put. In simple words, its not structured. You might get bored. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn.

Maintaining a computer blog is hard. Heck, maintaining any kind of blog is hard as long as you want people to read your content. Because without readers your blog is as good as your personal diary.

And bringing readers takes hardwork and with that time.

We all have heard from blogging gurus about what we need to do to bring in visitors- write original and quality content and be consistent. Yeah of course Social Media. Really?

Writing quality content for your blog takes time, but quality content is not decided by the author, but by the readers. It’s up to the readers to decide whether your blog post is of good quality or not.

Because quite often you write a blog post thinking its of quality content and you publish it. You dream your post is going to get 100 likes, people sharing it on social media etc etc. You know, every bloggers dream. And what do you get? I published these posts thinking I will get many visitors:-

Tech Companies Are Cheating You!                                       3

A New Laptop Or Old Wine In New Bottle                            8

Why You Should Use Safe Mode In Windows                     18

C Drive Getting Full? Here’s What To Do                               4

The numbers to the right are my total page views. It’s just too frustrating as a blogger to see such low numbers.

And please don’t tell me about original content, as blogging gurus advice you. My blog is about ‘computer tips and tricks’ and writing a computer tip or trick that is not published any where in the net is not going to happen. For that I need to be a computer engineer, which I am not.

Yeah sure, publishing your thoughts is original. This blog post is of original content because these are my thoughts which I want to share. Other than that nothing is of original content. Its how you present a content that’s already been there that matters. Presentation, that’s the key to your success.

To be consistent is another advice they give you. ‘Consistency’ is the key’, they told you. First they wrote that you should blog daily, then they changed their mind and wrote that you should blog at least once a week.

Being consistent doesn’t mean you should publish fixed number of blog post every week, even though the content you published doesn’t help others.

Being consistent, according to me is publishing content that helps,  gives knowledge or gives value to the readers quite often. If you are able to provide those things, then go for it, publish it weekly. Otherwise, wait. Even if it takes a month.

So, it’s finished. I got more to write, but let’s end here. Is this post of quality content? It’s up for you to decide. And dear WordPress users if you stumbled upon my post and you do like it, then click the like button and share your frustrations too.

And for people who came through search engines, if you want computer tips and tricks delivered right into your inbox, ‘Follow Blog Via Email’. You wouldn’t want to miss out any tips or tricks, do you?

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