AMD Is Gaming

AMD Has Evolved

AMD Has Evolved

AMD has evolved. Never before, AMD has focused this much on gaming and game developers, which Raja Koduri, VP of Visual Computing also says. He has worked with AMD for a long time and never he has seen AMD focused on gaming.

Project Mantle, which is AMD’s silver bullet, has been in discussion for five long years, because it’s that long some of the game developers have been complaining about the problems on the computer and the ways to solve it.

Heard of Mantle, but don’t know what it is?

It is a low-level API in its GCN architecture that’s different from DirectX, Direct 3D, OpenGL etc, which allows game engines to knock on the GPU’s hardware directly-demand GPU memory access, reduce CPU draws and boost overall performance.

Mantle has enough flexibility for interesting possibilities for the developers to do.

Mantle is in first phase of experiment. There are specific game engine developers that are working on it, playing around with it and are actually trying to do a full-fledged game title like Battlefield 4. The more games they make, the more they learn and the more they learn, the more things they can do with Mantle.

Despite all the doom and gloom that is written about the personal computer industry, the computer or the PC is not going anywhere. The real reason why people buy computers, that is what we should look into. The iPad or an android tablet or even a laptop won’t play games like Battlefield 4 or Crysis at its full glory. It’s a job that only a desktop computer can handle, which needs more performance. This is where the statement, ‘AMD IS GAMING’, comes from. Gamers will buy desktop PCs, they won’t compromise on anything else.

AMD's A-series CPUs For Gaming

AMD’s A-series CPUs For Gaming

Like I said before, AMD has evolved. Its no longer a ordinary CPU-GPU manufacturing company. Its now a company which has focused on gaming and game developers.

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