5 Features That Make Business Laptops Different From Consumer Laptops

Acer ThinkPad

Acer’s ThinkPad

What makes business laptops stand apart from consumer laptops that you see in the market? What’s the difference?

Acer, Dell, HP and Lenovo all have their consumer and business laptop lines very well distinguished. Acer’s Travelmate, Dell’s Vostro, Latitude and Precision series, HP’s Pro book, Elitebook and ZBook line and Lenovo’s ThinkPad series are all examples of dedicated business laptops.

Without giving you much intro, here are 5 main differences between business laptops and consumer laptops:-

1) Build Quality

Dell Vostro 3400

Dell Vostro 3400

Business laptops are built to last longer than most consumer laptops. Whether you look at Dell Vostro’s metal exterior, Lenovo’s ThinkPad’s all-metal roll cage design or HP ProBook’s spill-resistant keyboard, these build qualities are easily found on most self-respecting business laptops, qualities that are hard to find in consumer laptops.Some features found on business laptops are track point navigation, accelerometers that sense a laptop’s freefall to lock its hard drive and cushion it from shocks and drops and solid metal hinges to effectively tether a laptop’s screen to its base.

In short, business laptops offer superior build quality.

2) Software And Service

Often business laptops come built-in with tools that are essential for its audience. They all offer either proprietary or popular third-party backup and restore tools, maintenance software to keep your business laptop’s drivers and other services up to date, and enhanced video conferencing tools. Almost all business laptops, irrespective of the brand, offer more than a year’s warranty, giving businesses some much needed peace of mind in terms of safeguarding their investment for longer than other consumer machines. These business laptops also have a wider array of after sales support options to choose from, depending on a business’ requirement or IT policy.

3) Security

Since almost all Vostros, ThinkPads, ProBooks, and Eliitebooks have an option of having Intel vPro support, security is handled critically down to the hardware level of these business laptops. Not only that, business laptops have an option to include Trusted Platform Module chips to effectively encrypt the entire hard drive and protect passwords better than ever. These two features are enough to make any business laptops more secure than any of its consumer laptops.

4) Matte Screens

Business laptops from competing brands share one common feature, their non-reflective, non-glossy, matte screens. This is common among most (not all) Vostros, Latitudes, Travelmates, ThinkPads, ProBooks, Eliitebooks and ZBook business laptops. This is because matte screens are better for reading text for extensive lengths and their non-reflective nature prevents them from irritating distractions.

5) Battery Extensions

Business laptops also have battery boosting options. If a business laptop is sold with only a three-cell battery, be sure its OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) will have a six-cell or nine-cell battery upgrade waiting for higher price. Also, these laptops come with a docking port to help them dock into universal port replicators, charging stations and other compatible accessories to maximize their functionality.




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