Top 5 Security Tools For Your Privacy For Free

Technology has become an inevitable part of our lives. The internet is like a guiding light for every kind of information we need. While the internet is useful, it also presents a lot of risks and threats along the way. The threats as most of you all know range from viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, key loggers. There are also many other complex ones. This is the reason we need to use security tools to secure our digital lives. Here are the  list of 5 top free security tools that I think that are best in what they do and so are a must try.

1. Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free AntivirusAvast Free Antivirus is the best free antivirus software out there. Whatever antivirus comparison you do, Avast antivirus came on top in one way or the other. It has a good detection rate and a ton of great features that are incorporated very well. Everything, from the user interface to the scanning process is designed in such a way that it’s easy to navigate. Avast also boasts of finely tuned real time shields, like the file system shield, the web shield and the mail shield, each of which provide the user with status and configuration options. This is the antivirus to go, if you are looking for a free antivirus.

2. Comodo Firewall

Comodo Firewall

Comodo firewall is amongst the best type of network based security system or service. It controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic by analyzing data packets based on a pre-determined rule set. Sure, there is built-in firewall for Windows, but it is not the best in what it does. Comodo firewall on the other hand works as an antivirus for protecting your system from viruses, Trojans, worms and other threats. Give it a try.

3. Tor


Heard of it? It’s not Thor, its Tor, which is a free security tool that is used to enable online anonymity. Tor basically prevents somebody from watching over your internet connection, from learning what sites you visit, it also prevents the sites you visit from knowing you physical location and also lets you access sites which are blocked (sounds tempting?).

Tor is associated with a very famous security term called “Onion Routing” (hence an onion in place of an O). It refers to the use of multiple nested layers of encryption in order to maintain anonymity. As a whole, the Tor browser bundle is the face of Tor and it includes a modified version of Mozilla Firefox ESR browser.

4. KeePass


You have heard or read that you should not use the same password for every service you subscribed to. I don’t know about you, but I don’t listen to that. C’mon!, I mean, I have to remember around 20 different passwords in that case. That’s kind of impossible. But don’t worry, I found a tool that can help me sort out my problem. KeePass lets you store encrypted copies of all your passwords and all you need is to do remember one master password for all of them.

It also comes with its own password generator, which means that you are not required to think and come up with random password on your own. Another feature of KeePass is its auto-type feature that helps protect against key logging.  This feature automatically pastes the password required in the browser window by taking help of virtual keystrokes and the clipboard.

5. Tails


Yeah, tails. You read that right. Tails is actually a live OS which also follows along the lines of the concept of anonymity. Tails is an acronym for “The Amnesic Incognito Live System”. Using this security tool, you can surf the net anonymously while maintaining your privacy and circumventing censorship.

Tails also features built-in encrypted email and chat with private messaging. The OS also supports built-in encryption as well. Using this file encryption feature, you can save your documents to a pen drive and they will be automatically be encrypted. Tails uses the Tor browser by default making it much better when it comes to maintaining your anonymity online.

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