PS4 Cheaper Than Gaming PC……..C’mon!

Ps4 vs Gaming PC

PlayStation 4 is cheaper than a gaming PC, really? Yeah sure, PS4 in India costs Rs 40000 and a gaming PC built on that price won’t give you a visual paradise as does the PS4.

So, what do you do?

Buy beefier hardware for your gaming PC. It will surely increase the cost. You might spend double the amount of the PS4 for your gaming PC, but so what. Trust me, you will save a lot of money in the long run.

Didn’t get me?

You don’t game just by buying the PS4, do you? You need games and games don’t come cheap. For AAA games you need to spend around Rs.3999, take it as Rs.4000.
Rs.4000 for a single game! Yes I know there are PS4 exclusives and there are people out there who buy the console just for playing that.

So we players are caught between these two:-
1. The Price
2. PS Exclusives

On one hand, the price of the games and on the other, Playstation’s exclusive games.

I buy jeans for Rs.3000 and I can wear it for, say, for 5 years. And here I buy a PS4 game for Rs.4000 and I can finish the game within 5-8 hours! I know comparing these two seem weird, but you get my point.

We Indians are budget conscious aren’t we?

What? You are planning to sell the game after you finish it. That’s a nice idea. But we have a problem. See, unlike in the west, where there are shops that buy second-hand stuffs, there is nothing of that sort here in India.
And whom are you going to sell to? There are few hardcore gamers in here and fewer who play games on PS4!

Look in the long run. Say you buy 20 games, which includes exclusive games for the PS4 in its lifespan (7-10 years). Keeping in mind that most PS4 games come at Rs.4000. So 4000*20, is Rs.80000 add that to the cost of PS4, which totals to Rs. 1,20,000. Even more when you buy more games.

Watch Dogs, for example, costs Rs.3999 for the PS4, but only Rs.1699 for the PC. That’s a big difference! And you also have the option of playing those games for free in the PC (you know what I mean).

And when the PS5 comes out ( it certainly will) you can upgrade your gaming PC at half the cost of the PS5 (PS3 was launched at Rs.40000 and PS4 too). What makes you think PS5 will be available for less?

So in every way PC kicks PS4 in the…… know where.

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