Shut Up And Buy IPhone 6


IPhone 6

I was going through the newspaper someday and I read an article which gave me a reason to buy IPhone 6 (besides having ‘Iphone’ tag and the Siri). I cannot afford it though, but you might.

I have written a post about NSA spying on people and the things you could do to prevent it. But whatever you do, they will eventually get you. But NSA needs to worry this time. The Apple smartphone is the first of a post-Snowden generation of equipment that will disrupt their investigative abilities.

The phone encrypts emails, photos and contacts based on a complex mathematical algorithm that uses a code created by and unique to the phone’s user, which Apple will not possess.

If Apple gets a court order asking it to release the users’ details to intelligence agencies, it can’t. The law agencies won’t have any other way than to break the code or ask the code from each of the phone’s owner.

If the law agencies do try to break the code; according to an Apple technical guide, it would take them more than five and a half years to try all the combinations of six-character alphanumeric passcode with lowercase letters and numbers.

But many computer security experts doubt that, because according to them, Apple have underestimated NSA’s supercomputers.

Officials inside the intelligence agencies, while letting the FBI make the public protests, said that they fear the company’s move is the first of several new technologies that are clearly designed to defeat not only the NSA, but also any court orders to turn over information to intelligence agencies.

So if you are that kind of person who is so paranoid about your privacy, buying IPhone 6 might give you a sense of relief.

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