One Thing You Should Know Before Selling Your Old Smartphone!

Planning to sell your old smartphone? Don’t!

You wiped it clean? Great !

But that won’t help . Default data wipe tools to delete personal data is just not sufficient before selling your old smartphone.

And who found out this?

None other than security software maker AVAST . They purchased 20 used Android smartphones from eBay whose previous owners did factory re set to wipe the data clean .

The researchers were able to recover more than 40000 pictures from the smartphones , 750 e-mails and also text messages . They were also able to identify four previous owners as well as one completed loan application .

Avast also stated that their own security app comes with a deletion tool that works better than the factory reset option .

So unless you completely over write deleted data , it can be recovered by various recovery tools .

Google also didn’t keep quiet . You must be knowing that Android has an in – built encryption feature that can be turned on via settings . After you encrypt the phone , you can factory reset it if you are planning to sell your old smartphone .

But even then , some data can be recovered , according to National Industrial Security Program . What they suggest is that it is better to physicall y destroy your old smartphone than to sell it .

Don ‘t Sell . . . . .  Burn !

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