Buying An External Hard Drive? Three Things To Look For Before Buying One


There was a time when 250GB hard drive was enough to carry out our daily activities, like you know, downloading movies and games, storing mobile videos etc. But not any more.

Our personal data is increasing at a rapid rate. Today’s mobile phones come with Full HD camcorder. A 5 min video clip will take up approx 610 MB. Multiply it by 20, you will get 11.9 GB! And it will keep increasing. An HD movie will……… do I need to complete it? I think you know and on top of that games- 15GB to 35GB. Downloading all these things into your internal hard drive will eat up hard drive space which in turn will affect your computer’s speed and performance.

This is the reason you need an external hard drive or portable hard drive, whatever you want to call it. The capacity of portable hard drives has increased greatly and they are as fast as internal hard drives, which means you can now transfer your personal data at blazing speed.

But they do come with disadvantages. They are prone to vibrations and impact. That’s why manufacturers are designing their drives with rugged shells and are even waterproofing and fire- proofing some of them.

Manufacturers also enable encryption and password protection using biometrics to incorporate an additional layer of security to sensitive data. This added security will ensure that your data is not only safe but you can carry your portable drive anywhere across the world.

But before you go out and buy an external storage device, there are three things you should look for before even picking up one.



There are mainly two features that you should look when buying your external storage device, which are physical characteristics and technical specifications. The most important being storage capacity and interface.

A hard drive that offers both USB 3.0 and Fire wire 800 interfaces will be more beneficial than a hard drive that lets you only connect via USB 2.0.


External Hard Drive With FireWire Support

An External Hard Drive Supporting Both USB 3.0 And FireWire 800 Is More Beneficial

Build Quality

Build quality of an external hard drive is the most important point to consider. It’s because the material of a drive’s enclosure affects its life to some extent. The quality of the shell is important as it needs to be sturdy and also look good at the same time.

You should check whether the surface is resistant to scratches. Another thing to look is whether the portable hard drive come with matte-finish. Glossy surfaces look sexy, but attract lot of fingerprints and scratches very easily. Ultimately, looks do matter.

External Hard Drive With Shock Proof Shell

External Hard Drive With Shock Proof Shell

When you look at the shell in which the hard drive is enclosed in, consider hard drives with shock proof bodies. Also, a metal shell dissipates heat better than a plastic one and keeps the hard drive’s temperature in check.



The worst thing when it comes to external hard drive is that they are delicate and prone to failure. So, it is very important that they are backed by robust warranty and support.

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