Using Too Much Of Social Media? Check If You Got Any Of These Psychological Effects



Social Media Platforms

Using Too Much Of Socal Media?

Okay, one question from the start. Do you know anyone who isn’t on social media platforms, be it Facebook, Twitter? Nope?

Using Social Media for too long has its effects and if you haven’t noticed there are psychological effects too, which are discussed below.



You use anything more than you need it, that is an addiction. The increasing usage of social networks has led researchers to study internet addiction as a very real clinical disorder.

You could argue that spending three hours a day reading random tweets from strangers doesn’t necessarily indicate that you’re addicted to Twitter. You could merely be news reading to stay updated, right?

However, research conducted in 2012 by Chicago University’s Booth Business School concluded that Twitter is harder to resist than cigarettes and alcohol. If that isn’t a sign of addiction, what is?

There has actually been a case of a Korean child starving to death because the parents were too engrossed in games on the internet! How cruel!


Low self-esteem:

Yep, social media causes low self-esteem too.

“Hey, Tony got 100 likes for his profile picture, I got only 15. There is something wrong with me.”

All of us look at each other’s social network pages, admire lifestyles, relationships and clothes. More often than not, this leads to us wishing our lives were as great as others. People thus often end up feeling miserable about themselves, which can at times even lead to low self-esteem or depression.

In fact, a recent German research study concluded that one out of three people felt worse after Facebooking, often due to perceived inadequacies when comparing themselves to friends. Children, especially, are susceptible to depression and anxiety as they feel they have an image to maintain and cliques to fit into.


Loss of independent thinking:

Speaking of cliques, social media users are often more vulnerable to peer pressure than the average person. People are usually found changing their minds about “liking” certain things (One picture over the other, for instance) if enough time had passed and they found the other side even moderately more popular.


Change in spending habits, hunger…:

New study actually suggests that heavy social media use might just be correlated to lower self-control, which according to marketing experts leads to higher spending.

Also, the ‘food p0rn’ photos that we so often see on Instagram or Facebook can actually activate the brain’s reward center and compel viewers to overeat! In fact, even looking at food images after a meal can trigger hunger.


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