We Bloggers Suck!


Blogging Attitude

This Should Be Our Attitude Towards Blogging

We bloggers just suck! Yeah, that’s right. Well, most of us, including me. We think just after publishing one blog post, readers will flock to our blog out of nowhere. We dream of getting 100-1000 views. After all, if thousand people out of billion out there read my only blog post I will get thousand views right. It’s easy to do the maths but hard to get in readers. Real hard. After all, all have jumped the blogging bandwagon. All wish to make money as easiest way out there and blogging seems to be the easiest way.

We don’t care if we aren’t good at anything. We just copy and paste it from magazines if not websites.

‘Hell, I don’t need to be expert on any subject. I will just copy from the experts and paste it on my blog. I don’t need to waste my time doing research; why the extra work. Why should I give my opinion on the subject which I am coping and pasting, it’s really time consuming.’

We bloggers stuck, because most of the time we write for ourselves not for readers out there.

‘I don’t care what they want, what their real problems are. People must have the problems which my blog posts have solution to. If not, why do the magazines publish these articles which I am re-publishing on my blog?’

We spent countless hours publishing content which people have no interest in. And when we do we don’t give our voice but someone else’s. How can we? We aren’t experts at all!

We aren’t at all concerned about the readers. In fact we think the other way, i.e. readers aren’t bothered about us.

‘I write beautiful blog post and they don’t care to drop by! How cruel!’

Why should they care about the posts you publish if it doesn’t help them or solve their problems. You should be concerned about them or their problems. Because if you don’t help them solve their problems, then from where do you think you are going to get traffic?


We most bloggers are concerned about one thing and one thing only and it is not about readers. It is money. Money comes first on our mind when we blog and then readers or traffic. Hell, most of us start blogs because we wish to make tons of money and get rich.

We think blogging is easy and we don’t need to be expert in anything we blog.

Blogging is the easiest way to make money right?


It is easier to make money flipping burgers than blogging (I know you heard of this before).

Just think about it. You need 1000 views to make a minimum of $1-$5 a day!

Oh, we usual bloggers think we will earn through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing seems to be every bloggers dream. It sounds easy and better than advertising. You write a review of a particular product, you link to the vendor’s website. If readers click the link and buy from vendor’s website, you earn a commission, say 1%-10%. It seems easier than advertising because it increases value per visitor.

But how can you expect people to buy from you if you are not reputable?

Readers or people in general tend to buy from companies whom they trust. If people don’t trust you, how do you expect people to buy from you. You need to be reputable and to be reputable you need to be expert in what you are writing, if not, you are just another mediocre blogger. We most bloggers are mediocre bloggers, blogging for money and nothing else.

I really wish to write more, but this is enough for now.

I know what you are thinking; ‘This is a blog about computer tips and tricks and this guy is blogging about blogging! Hell, this is my blog!

And also, I have written this post under the category ‘Thoughts’. And so what I have written here are my thoughts and I have the right to do so!



3 thoughts on “We Bloggers Suck!

  1. I didn’t know that one can make money with a blog until I read this. I think you’re right, I think that many bloggers are just as you describe…but some are seriously trying to produce material that will inform and
    perhaps change a few minds. Thank you for the post…and for sharing your opinion.

  2. Hello.
    Im also a fellow blogger like you before some months. I have started my blog as own before 6 months and im making 100’s of dollars for one month. I got my first money after 3 months. If you feel blogging is fully waste then just come to me. Ill show you everything. Not for money :p

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