Technology Making Us Dumber? Studies Shows So……..

I am feeling guilty. In spite of my parents telling me it isn’t good for me to spend so much hours sitting in front of computer, I never listened. And now I am suffering because of it. And I believe I am not the only one.

Can you tell me your phone number without checking it on your phone? Nope. Nor can I tell mine.

So does it mean that technology is making us dumber?

Whenever you have any doubts, quotations, you don’t ask your friends you ask the almighty Google. But is Google making you dumb? That is what a writer questioned when he wrote an essay for the Atlantic in 2008.

He questioned whether the internet was shortening our attention spans and harming our intelligence. He also wrote that his mind was changing. He is not thinking the way he used to think. Is he the only one feeling this way?

Baroness Susan Greenfield, a British scientist and former director of the Royal institution too wrote about connection between Internet activity and impaired brain function in Dally Mail in 2009. She wrote that screen based two dimensional world is producing changes in behavior. Attention span is getting shorter, personal communication skills are reduced and there is marked reduction in the ability to think abstractly.

She has also published a book on this topic called Mind Change Studies were also conducted at University of California. The findings shows the sensitivity of brain neural circuits to common computer tasks such as searching online and constant use of such technology has a negative effect on the brain and behavioral effects such as impaired attention and addiction.

No wonder I am forgetting things nowadays. But don’t be alarmed. The studies were conducted on a small group of people and doesn’t represent the general population.


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