Good With Computers, Bad With People?

Good At Computers

If you are good with computers, does that mean that you are bad with people?

Well, if you ask me I would say YES. Unless of course if you are an extrovert.

I am an introvert and I spent more time with gadgets than people. Am I bad with people? Yep.

In fact I am terrible.

And I believe there are people like me out there. Call us odd, weird………

This is how we are.

This is what we have become.

There are introverts who are able to maintain a balance between real world and virtual world. They know how to get along with people, they can start a conversation effectively, socialize. Well, an example?

Well I don’t know.

But there are people who are bad with people because they are handicapped. Not the physical disability but the mental disability.

Suppose you see a person sitting on a wheelchair. Do you think he is comfortable sitting on a wheelchair for the rest of his life? Do you think that kind of person is happy because he doesn’t need to walk or run?

Deep inside he wishes TO BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, to run to walk, to do things that normal people would do. BUT HE CAN’T.

It is the same with people who are good at computers. Geeks, if you call us.

Deep inside we wish to socialize, to party hard and to do things that ‘normal people’ would do. But we can’t.

And that is the problem.

May be we are born that way.

May be some of us are suffering from social anxiety disorder.

May be we have got fear of embarrassment.

May be we are depressed deep inside.

Whatever the cause, we don’t need your concern, your sympathy.

All we need is your understanding, your love.

Thank you.


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