Can Women Be Good At Technology?

Can women and technology go together? Can women be good at technology by the way?

Yesterday I wanted to know the features and performance of a particular Windows tablet.

So I logged in to YouTube and searched for the review of that particular tablet.


The first video to show up was a old women holding that tablet.

I have her a shot.

Heard her describing the features of the tablet and closed the browser window after merely 10 seconds.

I just couldn’t take it.

Imagine, an old lady holding up a tablet to describe its features.

Can you…..take it?

I can’t.

Dear opposite sex, no matter how much you try to seduce technology, you just can’t get hold of it.

So stop trying.

There are so many other ventures you can be successful at, such as food blogging, fashion blogging and the list goes on. But technology, nope. It’s men’s only area, so maintain distance.

Thank you.


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