I Quit Blogging!

I have decided to quit blogging. It’s a waste of time and energy.

Every day looking at stats and everyday it seems to be the same..

No improvement. Well there is slight improvement, but it’s minimal. Nothing to boast of.

It’s been almost 2 years and I am not satisfied with the results of my blog. If I had worked in a company for that much period I would have earned and increased my value. Blogging in no way increased my value. I had it enough.

Over 40 posts and how much views do I get? On average, 25 views.


Really pathetic.

What does those pro bloggers tell us?

Focus on helping readers and then think of profit. But I don’t think any company starts business with the first objective to help consumers and then making profit. Every business is started with the aim of making profit. Blogging is no different.

It seems I am not a good salesman or a good writer. Or I have faced the ultimate truth, that there is no easy way to make money. Or there is no such thing as passive income.

Another reason I have decided to quit blogging is that there are too many noise, too many opinions floating on the net.

Almost everyone have jumped the blogging bandwagon. Every one claims to be an expert, spreading lies along the way. It has become tougher to get readers than ever before.

Here is the ultimate truth, anyone can start a blog but not everyone can earn from it. You need hell lot skills for it, especially in writing and marketing skills.

Thank You And Goodbye.


8 thoughts on “I Quit Blogging!

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re calling it quits. It can be frustrating at times, I agree. Maybe stick it out a bit longer? You might want to try to posting more than (on average according to your numbers) every 2.6 weeks, especially with a tech-related blog. Don’t get me wrong,

    I definitely feel your frustration. I’ve been at it for over ten years, and still don’t get the views that I would like. But then again, it’s just a hobby for me, not a money maker.

    But hang in there. Someone out there likes to read your blog!

  2. This post reminds me of me so badly. I spend too much time looking at my stats and seeing the blogs of others getting infinitely more traffic. It’s especially frustrating when the blog in question displays no talent, intelligence or originality; a bunch of generic posts that took them seconds to throw together while I work for hours ensuring mine are as perfect as I can get them with depressingly less people paying attention. As time goes on I’m becoming less concerned by this. I don’t network enough (I don’t have the time to really) and that is the key element to establishing a following. If you don’t network then your popularity won’t grow. When time allows I will start networking properly. Until then I just have to accept my posts will rarely exceed ten likes from my diehard followers.

    I hope things have improved in the two years since you posted this 🙂

  3. “There are to many noise, and to many opinions floating around”

    You’re right on the money or should I say you nailed it, because your not on the money!
    Great post, don’t quit!

  4. I know first hand how blogging can seem as though it isn’t paying off. Especially when you got out your way to market yourself by posting, commenting, liking and genuinely following great blogs. I pray that you continually find the strength to persevere on WordPress. Continue being true to your interests and topics and give 100%. I personally find myself just wholeheartedly loving just writing about my certain interests.

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