4 Things Your Web Browser Reveals About You

More often than not, we give our personal information to the web unknowingly. Your web browser not only knows which sites you visit but also other things as well, such as:-

1.Your Approximate Geographical Location

In case you didn’t know web browsers to have geo location enabled in them. It enables websites to know your approximate physical location so that it can display local information such as weather information.

How do web browsers use geo location?
By accessing your computer’s IP address to determine your country, region, city and even you street, though it’s approximate location and not that accurate. 

Another way of pinpointing your Geographical location is the use of GPS on the mobile phone and wi-fi hotspot you are connected to, which are more accurate.

2. Country You’re Browsing From

This one is obvious. If web browsers can pinpoint your Geographical location then they definitely know which country you are browsing from. 

One positive side is that if your web browser knows you are in India it can show ad which is relevant to India.

There is negative side too. US-only streaming services such as Hulu and Pandora automatically spots and blocks overseas visitors.

But don’t worry, there is a way to by pass this by using Virtual Private Network. Cyberghost is good one. What it basically does is it shows a different location rather than the real location which you are browsing from.
Tor is best for those who wish for total anonymity but it is not as simple as a traditional VPN.

3. Whether You Are Using An Ad Blocker

Most websites offer free content, which are able to detect whether you are using ad-blocker or not. If you are using one, these websites will kindly ask you to disable it or stop viewing their content.

One way to stop websites from knowing whatever you are using ad-blocker or not is by installing Anti-Adblock Killer for web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.

4.Your System Specifications

Yup, web browsers are also able to detect your system specifications also.

Just go to Whoer.com , and you will see a hell lot of details about your computer such as details of OS, which browser you are using, the name of your ISP and even the size of your monitor.

There is no clear solution for this. There are of course few advice on how to improve your anonymity such as disabling dangerous plugins such as Flash, tightening your anti-tracking settings etc.

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