Browse The Web Faster!

I have written an article on how to increase your internet speed. This article will be on how to browse the web faster by changing the DNS server of your computer.

DNS stands for Domain Name System, which you are using one assigned by your Internet Service Provider.

It is pre-configured in the settings of your ISP provided router. Changing your DNS server can increase your web browsing speed.

You can change your DNS server on your PC as well as on your mobile, which I will show you how.

There are lots of alternate DNS servers to choose from, but the best ones are Open DNS and Google Public DNS.

Changing Your DNS Server On Your PC
Before changing your DNS Server on your PC, you need to know your current DNS server.

To know your DNS server follow the steps below:-

1. On the extreme right side of taskbar, there will be a symbol representing internet connection; whether wireless connection or Ethernet .

Right click on it.

Then select ‘Open Network And Sharing Centre’, as shown below in the image.

Opening Network And Sharing Centre

2. Network And Sharing Centre window will open up. Under ‘View Your Active Networks’ , on the right side there will be connection type as shown below in the image.

Network And Sharing Centre

Click on it.
3. A window will open up, showing your internet status.

Click on ‘Details’ as shown below in the image.

Ethernet Status

That’s it, another window will open up showing you the details of your internet connection, which includes DNS server.
You can use free tools to know the fastest DNS server, such as DNS Jumper.
To manually change your DNS server:

1. Go to ‘Network And Sharing Centre’.
2. Click on connection type.

3. Click on Properties.

4. Select ‘Internet Protocol Version 4’ and click ‘Properties’, as shown below in the image.

Wi-Fi Properties

5. IPv4 properties window will open up. There will be Preferred DNS server ( which is your default DNS server) and Alternate DNS server.

IPv4 Properties

6. Alternate DNS server will probably be empty. Enter Google Public DNS address or OpenDNS address, which are mentioned below.

Goggle Public DNS  Server Addresses: (Primary) (Secondary)

OpenDNS  Server Addresses: (Primary) (Secondary)

You can enter these addresses in the Preferred DNS server, but make sure you note down the default DNS address, in case you run into problems.
In case you don’t want to change the DNS server yourself, there’s free tool as I mentioned before that will do the work for you, called DNS Jumper.

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