Android VPNs Not That Safe

There are over 2 million apps on Google Play store, and most of them, well, sucks.

Which we all know.

Most VPN (Virtual Private Network) apps on Google Play store are no exception. 

They too suck.

You see, VPN apps have security problems that could compromise your data.

I am not telling this, researchers have.

Researchers from Australian, American and Malaysian universities have examined some hundreds of VPN apps found on Google Play store and what they found is just shocking.

What they found is that 38% of tested apps had malware.

67% of VPN apps had trackers, 84% leaked traffic and 18% weren’t encrypted despite their claims.

Hell, VPNs are supposed to encrypt your data and disguise your location and these tested apps just did the opposite.

If you have any of these VPN apps, which are mentioned below; researchers have called them ‘worst bunch’ please uninstall them and do some research before considering another one.

OkVPN, EasyVPN, SuperVPN, Betternet, CrossVPN, ArchieVPN, HatVPN, sFly Network Booster, One Click VPN and Fast Secure Payment.

Try CyberGhost, it’s a good one.


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